SEC Whistleblowers, Their Duties, And Their Legal Representatives

The Securities Exchange Commission has a very special and important duty in the financial world. In the simplest of descriptions, the SEC’s oversight works to make sure people in the financial industry remain honest. Illegal acts such as insider trading are investigated by SEC officials. Those who violate the myriad of SEC laws end up facing stiff fines, jail sentences, or both.

Wall Street and the financial industry, however, are both going to have a segment that seeks to avoid laws or work in the gray area of marginal legality. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act established new rules and regulations to keep the industry honest. Not everyone is honest though. And the SEC’s investigators cannot be everywhere. This is why whistleblowers are so important to financial reform.

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Whistleblowers are people who come forward to discuss and reveal illegal activities they learn about. Often, they are employees who have first-hand knowledge of the illegalities occurring in their presence. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated about coming forward and reporting any illegal activities.

The Whistleblower Program at the SEC has been expanded and has new rules in place designed to help those who choose to blow the whistle on corruption. The Dodd-Frank law put into place a number of protections against retaliation. So, there are options that exist for persons worried about the aftermath of coming forward.

Financial incentives exist as well. A reward program is in place for whistleblowers. The money available to those who cast light on illegal activities could turn out to be quite lucrative. The rewards made available to whistleblowers could be well into the six or even seven figure range. The rewards pay 10% to 30% of SEC sanctions that exceed $1 million. As such, if a company is hit with a $3 million fine, 10% would pay $300,000.

Still, there are grave concerns on the part of many potential whistleblowers regarding their safety and financial well-being. Such citizens should realize they are not locked into doing anything on their own. Hiring a SEC whistleblower lawyer who specializes in representing clients with concerns over retaliation is an advisable step. Working with this type of attorney makes the entire process of reporting on wrongdoing easier and less stressful. Additionally, procuring representation aids in maintaining personal safety in addition to peace of mind.

JustFab is Breaking Ground and Heading Toward IPO

JustFab Inc. is the fairly young start-up parent company to JustFab. JustFab Inc. offers subscription services from FabKids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics. JustFab is an innovative company that offers unique style that fits whatever look you are going for.

They offer shoes, handbags, dresses and tops that are all created with their very own design team. They cover everything you could want with looks that are fun, sweet, classic, sexy, edgy, and trendy!

JustFab gives girls and women an opportunity to explore their style and shop with confidence and privacy. Shopping with JustFab is an incredibily unique experience that is highly sought after. All these factors have forged an unstoppable company that is now truly coming into it’s own.

Todd Tappin has been named the finance chief and the president for JustFab Inc. as of June 30. Prior to beginning this position at JustFab Inc., Mr. Tappin was the chief operating officer and CFO of Rubicon Project, an online advertising technology firm. Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

Mr. Tappin is known for his experience in helping startups navigate their first public offering (IPO) of their young company.

JustFab has really came up and made a big name for themselves. It was only three years ago, in 2013, that The New York Times mentioned JustFab in article for ranking surprising high on mobile apps being used for such a new company.

Now, just three short year later, Just Fab is now valued at $1 billion earning it the unicorn moniker. The company ranking JustFab Inc. said it has 4 million VIP members and is expected to surpass $650 million in revenue this year.

Despite all the amazing success of JustFab Inc., Mr. Tippin has said that JustFab is strong, and there is no need to rush into the IPO process. There would benefits for JustFab to go public but that does not mean that this company has to hurry through the IPO process.

The market is on their side as new stock issuances are low and going through the IPO process could mean substantial growth and financing potential for JustFab. It will undoubtly be intresting to see what new and impressive directions Mr. Tippin will take JustFab Inc.

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Lovaganza Inspiring a World of Unity Peace and Abundance Through Entertainment

The Lovaganza organization, which was established in October 2012, is a movement that is concerned about creating a world of unity where people from different countries can work together to eliminate the common problems facing the world. The organization is driven through theatre performances and movies to bring people together and to raise awareness about world unity and peace. The organization has slated celebrations in 2020, which will be open for all people across the world. These celebrations are meant to touch on different cultures across the world and will help to bring together millions of people.

Painters and artists have also joined the Lovaganza cause. Internationally acclaimed painter David Uhl presented his Lovaganza piece of art in 2015 and was joined by more other artists. The convoy creators have also toured several studios in Mumbai, India and several locations around the country. They have also partnered with Warner Bros to bring motion captures that will circulated for the whole world to watch. The convoy has also been picking extras from people who attend the live filming event in various locations. The mission of this organization is to not only create entertainment through nostalgia, but also remind people about the need to care for each other.

Goals of the Lovaganza foundation
The Lovaganza is also working to establish a campaign that will help to secure universal quality life for all children aged between 0 to 15 years before 2035. To achieve this milestone, the organization is identifying common goals and proposing ways to help speed up the implementation of the plan with the help of organizations and foundations that are driven by the same objectives. Some of the initial goals as proposed by the organization include:

Access to clean water
This proposal aims to provide clean drinking water to all children before 2035. The plan will be executed through various organizations that will push for the inclusion of policies that make it necessary to protect children from waterborne diseases.

Access sufficient food
The Lovaganza Organization also aims to push for sufficient supply of food to all children aged between 0 and 15 years. This will see nutrition and health get better not only for the children, but also any other person in the world.

Access to basic education
Another resolve that will drive the Lovaganza organization is ensuring all children access basic and quality education. This will also include security, shelter and safety among other provisions.

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Bustle Writer Reaches for No-Lather WEN to Transform Fine Limp Locks

Most of us shell out a lot of hard-earned money for tons of shampoos, conditioners and styling treatments every year. We buy the regular products on Amazon that claim to produce big lathers to nourish our tresses, but did you know that many harsh detergents are included in these hair care products?

That’s why famous west coast stylist-to-the-stars, Chaz Dean, invented a revolutionary way to thorough cleanse and manage hair. Wen by Chaz is a unique cleansing conditioner that is designed for any and every hair type out there. It is made with wonderful and natural botanical ingredients that deliver high shine, volume and health back into strands from root to end.

WEN is different from those detergent-laden lather formulas that strip the hair and weaken it. WEN allows the user to pump out a lot of product to massage the hair and scalp. It’s a gentle and transforming experience for hair.

Emily McClure wrote about her 7-day journey using WEN cleansing conditioner for her sad, limp hair and posted her review at

Emily loved using WEN, even though she admits being lazy when it comes to her hair. She kept a hair diary and posted hair selfies after washing with WEN in the mornings, followed with blow-drying and styling.

Her selfies show envy-worthy tresses full of shine and volume. Even her close girlfriends immediately saw her new, shiny, soft hair. They were blown away.

At the end of her 7-day experiment, Emily concluded that WEN delivers awesome results if you keep the simple routine of a WEN wash every morning and then the blow-drying and styling. If you go off the schedule and skip a wash, for instance, the results will show flatter hair.

Emily says she would reach again for WEN, if her work day weren’t so hectic. Check out their YouTube Channel. Visit the website,



Using Wen Cleansing Conditioner on Thin Locks

In an article written for the website Bustle by fashion and beauty contributor Emily McClure, high end hair care product WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is put under the microscope to see how it effects those with thinner hair and if it lives up to expectations. Intrigued by the infomercials from Sephora promising that the product can be used for all hair types, McClure took the cleanser for a seven day test drive. Her results showcase the abilities of this cleanser to, with proper usage, effectively create bounce and luster even on finer heads of hair.
McClure decided to conduct an experiment to test Wen‘s effects on her fine hair over the course of a week. On the first day, she uses the cleanser at night and is pleased with the result. Upon rinsing and drying, her hair is a soft, shiny, and voluminous. After discovering exactly how the cleanser reacts to her hair, she is able to develop a routine throughout the week that allows for this optimal result daily, and deems Wen Cleansing Conditioner a product to use for days when she opts to put forth a little extra effort into her hairstyle. Overall, McClure deems Wen Cleansing Conditioner to be ultimately true to its word, claiming that it successfully transforms thin, more delicate locks into a full head of healthy looking hair. WEN is available on Guthy-Renker.

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The Growth of Qnet in India

Qnet is one of the most unique companies in the world today. The company specializes in providing people with the resources and materials needed to start a business. A lot of people in developing countries love this business model. Starting a business in India or Pakistan is much more difficult than starting one in the United States. Qnet helps people with the beginning capital needs, and these funds are paid back over time. Qnet is a great example of one company making an impact across the world.

What is Qnet?

The Qnet business model is one of buying and selling goods across the world. For little start up money, a person can open an online business and begin selling to other people. A lot of users love how easy it is to make money with this company. One of the most recent countries to get access to Qnet is India. With over a billion people, this is a great opportunity for the company to expand into other areas. However, having the proper infrastructure is needed by the company to come in. A lot of nations do not have access to the internet or electricity, and this makes it difficult to conduct business.

The Economy of India

India has a growing economy with a lot of potential. Over the past few years, the country has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Although there are some infrastructure issues, a lot of companies outsource jobs to the area. India has a large population of educated workers, and this growing middle class is something that will enhance economic growth in the future. Qnet is poised to continue its growth, and the recent expansion into India is one of the biggest reasons why.

The Olympic Valley Incorporation Fell Through

Recap Of An Article From The Reno Gazette Journal:

The winters of Olympic Valley haven’t been as snowy as ones in the past. While this recent season was fairly snowy and conducive and good for business, the past years have very much detracted from the success of local ski resorts. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only problem that has been impacting upon Olympic Valley’s ski resorts.

For quite a while, there was much debate regarding whether or not Olympic Valley’s resorts should be managed by a single corporation. The local ski resorts were not happy at all about the proposal. The area’s businesses in general were also against the incorporation. Andy Wirth was one of the biggest opponents of the incorporation of the ski resorts in the area. If the incorporation had happened, it likely would have meant less business for his ski resort, Squaw Valley. Thankfully, the incorporation never occurred. If it had, it likely would have meant a very different future for the area.

The incorporation of the area ski resorts would have had a negative impact on the economy of the region in general. Not only would it have harmed the ski resorts, but it would have had a ripple effect on all businesses in the area. Even the area’s restaurants, hotels, and bars would have felt the pinch from it.

It wouldn’t have even just had negative effects on private businesses in the area. Instead, it would have had negative effects on the public sector of the economy, as well. The budget deficits that likely would have been created would have put a strain on the budget for clearing roadways, during the winter.

Without well maintained roadways all year long, people would be less likely to make the drive to the Olympic Valley area. This would have made skiing in the area much less popular, if the drive to the mountain was often a drive through icy or snowy roadways. Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

The incorporation did not happen, and part of this was likely due to the efforts of Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth raised a large amount of money to prevent the incorporation. Other prominent individuals in the area also opposed the incorporation. The efforts of these individuals played a key role in preventing it from happening.

Andy Wirth has been a very successful leader of Squaw Valley ski resort. He has done a great deal to contribute to the success of the resort. His resort, Squaw Valley is also used for the training of Navy Seals.

In addition, he participates in a variety of outdoor sports. Andy Wirth has continued to be active with his outdoor sports activities, despite the skydiving accident that he suffered.

Shared Office Space Dates Back All The Way To 15th Century Italy


If you think the concept of coworking space is a new idea founded in the 21st century, think again. The idea of coworking space or in today’s language shared office space dates all the way back to 15th century Italy. That is right, hundreds of years ago European were working side by side in workshops known as bottegas in the 15th century.

Bottegas or workshops in the Italian city of Florence had both expert craftsmen, artists architects, and other learned men working side by side among each other. Also working alongside these experts were apprentices or people hoping to learn the trade or master an art from the experts in the profession. As you can see, the Italian bottega during the 15th century was a very early form of a coworking space.

The artists, scientists, craftsmen, engineers, architects and other scholars would work together and cooperate on projects sometimes. They would also compete against one another, on for example who can create the better piece of artwork or machinery. The putting together or brilliant minds together from different professions and skill sets resulted in a very fruitful result. New inventions, ideas and products were created. Improvements were made upon existing ones. Talent was nurtured and developed among the apprentices who could incorporate ideas not only from their master but from other skilled and learned men and masters.

Some of the most famous men of the 15th century in terms of science, art and architecture came from or were highly influenced by their time in bottegas. These include such masters of art and engineering such as Leonardo da Vinci, Pietro Perugino and Sandro Botticelli. All of these men benefitted greatly from being in a coworking space such as the Italian bottega in 15th century Italy. It can be safe to say, that much of their greatness is owed to being in and learning from the coworking space of the bottega in Italy.

Are you looking for a shared coworking space in the New York City area? Workville NYC is your perfect choice for shared office space in New York City. With a location that is easy to get to from New York City and the nearby suburbs Workville NYC offers the entire NYC an easily accessible and affordable way to get into a shared coworking space. Work amomgside other entrepreneurs, technology experts and startups in a luxurious hotel like setting with Workville NYC. The company’s coworking space building is located at 1412 Broadway, on the 21st Floor In Manhattan, New York and is open 24 hours a day.

All the Benefits of Beneful

Some dogs are picky eaters while others will devour everything in sight. No one knows a dog’s preferences better than their owners. Everyone wants to give their pet exactly what they crave, but they also want to make sure to keep them healthy. Beneful is a dog food company owned by Nestle Purina Store that gives their furry customers both. The wide variety of formulas and flavors are both delicious and nutritious. Every dog will be begging for more.

Many dogs love the crunch of dry dog food. The original blend offered by Beneful come in beef, chicken and salmon flavors. This blend combines antioxidants with essential nutrients making sure every dog gets exactly what they need to stay healthy. Real meat and vegetables are used to create the tasty and unique flavors. The original formula from Beneful is sure to keep dogs happy for quite a long time.

For any pet with more specific needs, Beneful offers other varieties on Wal-Mart that can help with healthy growth and energy. For example, Beneful Healthy Puppy uses a calcium rich formula to give a puppy everything it needs to grow up strong. Beneful Playful Life gives dogs extra protein to give them the extra boost they need to keep up with an active owner. Lastly, there is Beneful Healthy Weight. This formula includes all the nutrients with fewer calories for any dog that needs to reach and maintain a better weight. This company seems to have thought of everything.

For some, having a dog is like having a child. They need a large amount of attention, love and care in order to thrive. From energetic puppies to mature dogs, there is a formula for everyone. Beneful dog food is a company dedicated to giving all dogs a full stomach and a healthy life. For anyone who wants to keep their pet fit without sacrificing the tastes they love, this Amazon available brand has it all.


Bob Reina: Leading Talk Fusion Into A New Era

Business For Home did a follow up article on the aftermath of Talk Fusion offering the 30 day free trial. The article discussed the success that the company saw prior to the release and then the buzz of activity just after the release took place. The article explained that users would have full access to all of the functions and features that Talk Fusion has to offer. This includes the video chat program, sign up forms, live meetings, video email and video newsletter.

One of Talk Fusions direct sellers was also quoted in the article. The individual explained how the opportunity of the free trial is unparalleled. It enables businesses to build more brand loyalty and bring in new customers. And the tools take out the guesswork. Businesses and individuals now know exactly what they are getting and they do not need to be worried about wasting money.

The free trial launch also comes with an incentive program from distributors. For every single new customer that a distributor brings in, they will be given 10 months of free trials to give out however they wish. This brings in new customers for them and grows their business.

Bob Reina founded the company just 9 years ago when he ran into a problem while emailing friends. His goal was to embed a short video into an email so that friends could just click play and not have to download the full video. He was not able to make it work. He called for help but his internet provider informed him that that was just not possible. Reina got together with a friend and developed a way to embed emails with videos. After they saw how easy it was, Reina realized that it could be a really great service to provide to both private individuals and to businesses, as a tool for fun and for marketing. Reina had also had success in the past with several different direct selling companies and so he decided to utilize that for Talk Fusion’s marketing plan.

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