Advantages Of Online Reputation Management

Are you an entrepreneur or company executive trying to protect your online image? Do you want to build and maintain a great image about your organization or personal profile? Having a reliable online reputation management system is essential in today’s world.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, it has become extremely easy to post remarks or reviews about companies, products, services and professionals.

The main advantage of developing a strong Reputation Defender for your organization or company is not simply preventing credibility problems. It is the possibility it offers you to connect with customers as well as individuals thinking about your company. This interaction has immense valuable impacts.

While most company owner as well as business managers understand that online reputation management is important, few actually recognize what, precisely, the tasks of an online reputation management firm.

While the tasks of an online reputation management firm are varied, the major function of these companies is to take aggressive steps to assess, improve, preserve, and restore your company’s on the internet track record.

If every one of those are not a choice for you, begin with getting all those effective social media accounts and create a network of connect to them utilizing your internet site. Beginning a blog, social accounts and your main site is a great way to start. It will certainly take more time for these to achieve top ranking position – and most likely the damage will definitely already be done by then.

Online reputation management campaign work is primarily about establishing that solid online reputation in the internet by obtaining all the feasible accounts you can for your brand.

The online reputation management campaign or job should not be postponed or delayed until something disastrous happens. Waiting for it to reach the cleaning stage enhances the workload on any reputation monitoring and management supervisor – all the while the damage has actually currently happened. Most companies that seek online reputation management campaign only do so whenever they experience an unfortunate incident, and damages already done. Online reputation management campaign is not about troubleshooting, it is about developing online brand foundations.




Dick DeVos Grows Amway Corporation

The success of Dick DeVos is not attributed to the family name that he possesses nor towards the billions of dollars of donations that his family has given to several worthy foundations and organizations across the United States. The success of Dick DeVos is attributed to his hard work and his eagerness to grow and to improve the reputation of the DeVos family, a prominent family that currently resides in Michigan. Dick DeVos has always been a family man and even knew from a young age exactly what he wanted to do. Even before a formal education, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become the leader of the family company known as Amway Corporation.


Amway Corporation was created as well as developed by the father of Dick DeVos, an influential businessman who also believes that success is not attributed to how much income is generated on a daily basis. Richard DeVos, like Dick DeVos, believes that success can only be measured by how much help has been given to those in need and to those who are less fortunate with less opportunities to flourish or to build the overall human capital through a formal education or teaching.


Even before a formal education, Dick DeVos knew that he wanted to become a prominent member of the DeVos family and to make a name for himself within the company. With this in mind, Dick DeVos went to college where he graduated with a degree in economics. With this degree, Dick DeVos became a part of the Amway Corporation family as an official employee where he climbed up the ladder to success. Within just ten years of working as an official employee to the company, Dick DeVos earned a position as the Vice President of the company who was specifically in charge of international sales.


During his time as the Vice President of international sales, Dick DeVos grew the annual sales exponentially to the point where the international sales equated the domestic sales by the time that he left his position as the Vice President of international sales. Dick DeVos always had the dream to follow in the footsteps of his father. With a gift for leadership, Dick DeVos has been able to inspire his employees and to make them truly feel a part of the company. Dick DeVos still continues to be an influential member within the world of business and innovation.


The story of an Oligarch: Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello or Anthony G. Petrello is a popular name among the leading and top paid executives in the USA. However, he is mostly famous for his professional contributions to Nabors Industries, which is one of the most successful and prominent companies in the country. Throughout his career, he has been a man of sheer dedication and hard work which eventually paid off in the long run, and he is now considered as an idle for many young executives who want to excel in the corporate world.

Tony Petrello completed his Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. He also has a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School as well. After completing his studies, Tony joined Baker & McKenzie which is one of the top law firms. He worked in this law firm for more than 12 years between 1979 to 1991 and his mostly focused on international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law. In 1986, he became the Managing Partner of this firm and continued his work here till 1991 when he resigned from the firm to join Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello held some important and influential positions in the Nabors Industries from 1991 till today. In 1991, he was elected to the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board. He became the Deputy Chairmen in 2003 and 2011 he was elected as the President and Chief Executive Officer. In 2012, he became the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board when Eugene Isenberg, ex-CEO stepped down from the position after two decades of service. Also, Tony is also serving as a Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and of Hilcorp Energy Company.

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While serving Nabors Industries in all of these roles, Tony Petrello ensured both operational excellence and strategic directions that led to the company to become a market leader. At present, Nabors Industry is considered one of the leading oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor that operates in hundreds of offshore and onshore sites around the world. They also provide a wide range of support services for offshore and onshore oil drilling and well-servicing. With approximately 30,000 staff and billions of annual revenue, this is one the giant companies in USA and Tony’s contribution behind this was instrumental. In his professional life Tony was so successful that one of his college roommates, Lloyd Grove mentioned him as “Oligarch” in one of the articles published on The Daily Beast. Tony was also considered among the top paid executives in the USA in 2015 with a total annual package of $27,512,939 which is a whopping amount. Till 2014, he couldn’t make it to the list of top paid bosses due to corporate governance and compensation practices.

Lives his life by example and loves to spend time with his wife Cynthia and daughter Carena. When Carena was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia, they were shocked by this news, but they never gave up hope. Now they are continuing her treatment and also playing a crucial role in supporting Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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Top Vintners In The UK

English wine have been claiming majority of the awards worldwide. UK is a top wine producing region. There are around five hundred vineyards managed by UK Vintners in Wales and England that covers about 4,500 acres.

UK Vintners have been producing wine in leaps and bounds and it keeps increasing in the recent years. In the year 2013, the data revealed one of the hiab vintenrsghest productions of 33,384 hectoliters.

Here is a list showing some of the top UK Vintners for your pick:

Bolney Estate

During the Domesday Book times vines were grown on this estate of West Sussex. However in the early 1970s Juliet Linter bought the wide acres of vineyard and renewed it back to life. Blanc de Blancs 2007 picked a coveted title and was awarded with the Gold Outstanding medal. The judges of the competition described the wine as similar to ‘pure white mousse.’ They produce red, white and rose (still and sparkling) wines.

Camel Valley

In the year 1989, an ex RAF pilot Bob Lindo and his wife built this Cornish vineyard. Since then the sparkling wines of this estate has went ahead and won many awards. A priceless gold gong was picked up by its Cornwall Brut 2010 at the Internal Wine Challenge. Another of its wine Pinor Nor Brut 2010 picked gold at the decanter World Wine Awards 2012. Camel Valley, one of the best UK Vintners produces red, white and rose (still and sparkling) wines.

Hush Heat

Hush Heat, located in the house of manor in the Weald of Kent. It is devoted to the produce of a wine made of rose which is of the finest quality in the world. A wine manufactured from the classic Champagne grape varieties, Balfour Brut Rose has won many awards for them. The company makes white, rose (still and sparkling) wines.


Stuart and Sandy Moss took up this former working farm in the year 1988. Located in the West Sussex, it was the first English vineyard to wholly produce grapes of the Champagne region- Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Miunier. A gold medal was awarded in 2007 to its Nyetimber’s Blanc de Blancs at the reputed International Wine and Spirit Competition. They make rose and sparkling white wines.

Ridgeview Wine Estate

Located in East Sussex and founded in the year 1994, the vineyard is family owned and dedicated to sparkling wines. Marksman 2009, a wine produced for M&S picked up gold at the International Wine Challenge. The vineyard also produces sparkling wines for the Wine Society and Waitrose. They make rose and sparkling wines.

A&B Vintners

Founded in 1988 by John, A&B Vintners ( has had a successful trading career. They are recognized as one of the UK’s top specialist wine producers. They have a lineup of enviable wines like Burgundy, Southern France, Provence and Rhone to bring to the table.

UK is definitely leading in the wine industry worldwide. There is a whole list to choose from if you want to pick up a brand. The companies mentioned above are among the most popular ones but there is still more.

Handy – The Biggest Home Cleaning Company

Throughout its history, Handy suffered structural issues, financial imperative, stiff competition, low ratings, and complaints. Its reviews section was filled with horror stories, from tales of ‘eleventh-minute cancellations, clueless cleaners, no-shows, to damaged floors. Some issues of quality were simple amateur mistakes. For example, there was a time Handy ran a massive promotional offer on an Easter weekend since almost all cleaners were not available, the company was forced to cancel all bookings and offer credits all at once. Others were developing pains, the desirable problems faced by a company battling to move at the same pace with growing demand.

These shortcomings were not as important as the explosive growth of the company besides the flow of the money. But still, the company continued to burn through over 1.5 million USD per month, so it was compelled to turn the irate clients into consistent centers for profit, and improving the product was the only way of accomplishing that.

UmangDuaand OisinHanrahan, Handy’sco-founder, have always tried to find a solution to these problems ever since they started. In its infancy, as demand rose, the company employed numerous hourly workers who handled the influx of problems and complaints. At long last, it maintained around 100 customer care associates in New York office, handling phone calls in shifts. Despite all these new bodies, customers had to wait for almost an hour before they are attended., therefore, implemented chatbots that served as a first contact with the customer. Unlike human staff, bots do not take bathroom and lunch breaks, or claim overtime payment for holidays! However, they can be profligate and unpredictable in a certain way. For example, once a client entered an incorrect phone number, and a chatbot ran a 50,000 USD bill by exchanging previously programmed short texts another automated chat app of the company.

As time went by, UmangDua and OisinHanrahan, with the help of the company’s engineers adopted a self-serve floor/platform, and everything changed for the better. Competition dropped, there were no more undue losses or complaints, and its profit margin expanded. Today, Handy is the biggest and the most profitable home cleaning company.


WEN by Chaz For The Best In Total Haircare

Taking good care of your hair doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to treat it correctly. Overwashing your hair can do more damage than not washing it enough as it tends to strip the moisture away from the scalp. Unfortunately many brands have chemicals that are harmful to hair. Dyes may give you a certain color, but dyes will dry out the follicles and scalp with long time use. Just taking a more logical approach is the best way to go and Wen products are some of the best on the market.

WEN by Chaz was founded by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. Living a healthy lifestyle is what he lives by and treating the hair with natural ingredients has become his success. Chaz Dean not only provides great service, but he also advices those of how to treat and maintain their hair for the best results. Mr. Dean preaches his word in an affect to give his clients/customers the proper knowledge of healthy haircare. The WEN by Chaz products doesn’t use shampoos because of their moisture stripping capabilities and drying effects. Rather these products are cleansing conditioners instead which lacks the use of bleach, sodium laurel sulfate, or other additive chemicals.

One of the brand’s best products is the QVC advertised WEN Deluxe Kit. This kit is a 5-in-1 product thoroughly cleanses the hair without the use of any damaging sulfates. Now you’ll receive a treatment that naturally detangles, moisturizes, strengthens, and heals. It’s pure genius of how the formula works and once you personally try it out for yourself, you’ll began to see why WEN by Chaz is the top product on the market. Taking your haircare health back and to another level with WEN by Chaz won’t leave you disappointed. Visit the Wen Facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel ( to learn more.


Fabletics – A Celebrity Brand for Everyone

Fabletics is a brand with a difference. While most celebrities are busy launching super expensive perfume and underwear lines of their own, Kate Hudson has done quite the opposite by launching the easy to own Fabletics range of fitness wear. Fabletics, which was founded as recently as in 2013, by Kate Hudson and her two partners, is growing leaps and bounds and has already reached sales of 250 million. The brand has presence in America, most of Europe and Australia. It has recently started opening its own brick and mortar stores in United States.

As discussed earlier, it was created to focus on the fitness wear needs of anyone and everyone. Right now Fabletics have active wear section for men, women and kids. With innovative schemes like VIP membership loyalty program and product customization based on user preferences, the company has overseen tremendous growth and has more than 400 employees on their records after just 3 years in business on When a user shops on their website for the first time, she needs to take a quiz which helps the company understand her preferences and suggest suitable products.

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When a huge celebrity starts a venture of her own, the margin for error for her is really small. Every move of theirs is scrutinized and watched and they can ill afford to make a mistake. It would take just one mistake from them for everything to go kaput. This is exactly what Kate Hudson said in her interview published on Marie Claire.

According to Hudson, inclusion is one of the core values of the company and they want to make active wear for every one irrespective of their gender, age or size. To keep up with this tradition and to be eventually an all-inclusive brand on, Fabletics is venturing into the clothing for plus sized women. The decision has a business reason behind it too. As Kate noted, there is a lot of demand for these clothes and not many are ready to cater to this demand as enthusiastically.

Kate highlights the work that has been put by herself and her team in building the brand when she says that its “hard to believe” that they have been in the market for only 3 years. Like any good businesswoman Kate knows the importance of having a good team and she ends her interview by thanking her team and noting how they have been pivotal for the Fabletics success story.

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Dick DeVos is Helping Others Through His Generous Giving

In a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos provided her thoughts and feelings regarding education and the educational system. The topics covered during the interview are popular education related topics that have been discussed in many ways and forums. Betsy DeVos gave her insight to the current condition of the education system and what she feels are some of the most serious problems regarding the education system.


For people familiar with Betsy DeVos, her answers to the questions are consistent with her opinions about the education system that she has held for a long time. The focus of Betsy DeVos concern with the education system is the fact that children do not receive the same level of education in all areas. The quality of education is affected by various factors outside the control of the children and their families. Factors such as income level and social status have too much of an affect in Betsy DeVos’s opinion.


I believe that Betsy DeVos gave a good interview to Philanthropy Roundtable. The interview was on point and did not go away from the focus of the interview, which was education. Betsy DeVos had an opportunity to give detailed answers to the questions that were asked during the interview. In addition, she had the opportunity to give her impression of the current education system, what is wrong with the current education system, and what can be done to improve the education system.


Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. In the business world, Dick DeVos is well known. He has served in executive roles at Amway and with the Orlando Magic. He currently serves as the President of Windquest Group, and Dick DeVos has a proven track record of successful service in the executive roles that he has held during his professional career.


Even though Dick DeVos is well known as an executive in the business world, Dick DeVos is also known outside the business world as a generous giver to charitable organizations. Dick DeVos has established several charitable organizations of his own, he has worked tirelessly helping other charities, and he gives of his time and money to numerous worthwhile causes.


 Dick DeVos  has helped many people through his generous giving. He has helped individuals continue their education, he has helped communities improve, and he has helped cities build new and needed facilities. Dick DeVos is a generous and caring man.



FreedomPop Gets the Attention of Many Cell Phone Users

FreedomPop has totally changed the game for anyone that is interested in eliminating the costly cell phone bill that they may currently be paying. The reality is that smart phones are here to stay and everyone seems to be finding some type of use for these devices. The downside to having a smartphone is that the data plans are astronomical. That is why people are rejoicing when they discover companies like FreedomPop because it gives them the chance to keep their cell phones handy without high cell phone bills.

People that sign up for FreedomPop may also be able to get free internet service in their home. This is another costly bill that homeowners have become accustomed to paying on a regular basis. The internet is used for so many things in the home; it is almost impossible to live without it. People are paying their bills online and communicating with friends. Others may be telecommuting and working from their home. That is why it is important to have the internet, and that is also a good reason for people to consider what FreedomPop offers.

This company saves a lot of people money because it takes two of the most important things, wireless communication in the home and wireless portable communication, and gives you both up these services for free. There are still many people that have not heard of this company yet, and they may still be paying large sums for both phone and internet service. In this day and age this is very unnecessary because FreedomPop has 100% free internet and phone service. Consumers that have Smart devices from old contracts with other mobile carriers can even bring these phones into the mix.

FreedomPop is certainly proving to be a fierce competitor to the Large mobile companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. This is why many of these companies are slashing prices. The executives in these companies realize that a lot of people are tired of paying large sums for cell phone service. They also realize that customers are willing to make the switch to a company that does not have fees or any contracts associated with the service. The fact that FreedomPop is offering free service is simply the icing on the cake. It’s very difficult to compete with FreedomPop because this company is offering something for free that many people have paid a fortune for.

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Talking IoT With Jason Hope, Arizona Entrepreneur

Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a technologist. Now he’s tackling the up-and-coming Internet of Things, an innovation which stands poised to revolutionize the way we interact with the world by means of a network of interconnected devices.

As the prolific author of dozens of articles on sites such as and Medium, Jason Hope has a lot of ideas on how IoT, as the Internet of Things is commonly referred to as, will change the way we drive, bank, exercise, even eat and sleep.

Hope has outlined several predictions that we can expect to see in the coming years. Driving is one of the more exciting end-user applications, and it seems to be just around the corner, promising to permanently change our relationships with our cars.

Another development he discusses is the way the healthcare industry has begun a wide-scale adoption of IoT. This doesn’t just mean fitness trackers, but also helps to get information to primary care providers quickly and efficiently without costly and time-intensive doctors’ visits.


But it’s not all a rosy picture. Hope also warns of the hazards that businesses must be aware of in their rush to adopt IoT principles. As with any internet-connected device, proper security protocols must be in place to prevent against, as Hope puts it,”giving would-be thieves the go ahead to hack” devices such as smart baby monitors, thermostats, refrigerators and ovens.

As with all new technologies, the ease and comfort that they bring to our lives is matched only by the new care and control that we must exert to keep ourselves safe and happy. Experts such as Jason Hope help us to navigate the challenges of maintaining the balance between convenience and security, helping us to enter the future with our heads held high and proud.