Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Many people believe that once you find the love of your life the rest of life will be full of marital bliss and happiness. While this may be true, before any of this happens a wedding must be planned and more importantly a wedding venue must be selected! The wedding venue sets the tone for the entire wedding and is of the utmost importance.


There are a variety of concerns that ought to be addressed when choosing a wedding venue. Location, expense, type of venue and how the venue is laid out are some of the myriad of concerns to think about in regard to wedding venue selection. Other aspects that one might consider include, but are not limited to, availability of parking, and whether or not the venue caters itself.


Finding the ideal wedding venue NYC is even more challenging due to the size of the city and the sheer number of available wedding venues. Depending on one’s needs for their wedding, a great wedding venue to consider is the Manhattan Penthouse on 5th Avenue. Featuring stunning vistas of the city, catered food, and their own staff of experienced wedding planners, the Manhattan Penthouse is the ideal venue for a wedding in New York City. If planning a wedding in the not to distant future one ought to consider the Manhattan Penthouse for all wedding needs.



The Interesting Life of Norman Pattiz

You have probably heard the name Norman Pattiz mentioned once or twice in your lifetime. He is the founder and is also the EC of PodcastOne. If you read the Forbes magazine, then you probably noticed Mr. Pattiz getting a 4 page feature that was covered during May of 2016. He also has 40 years when it comes to experience within radio syndication. Being known for not only PodcastOne, but also for being the founder of Westwood One. That company was very well known for haveing managed, owned and distributed CBS News, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, CBS News and many others.


When Norman Pattiz was asked where the idea for PodcastOne had originally come from, Norman gave a pretty interesting answer. He said that he had left Westwood One and then he had been introduced to one Kit Gray, who at the time was representing the podcasts of some other individuals and was working from an apartment that was in Marina Del Rey. It, of course, immediately hit him that what they were doing was changing Westwood One for the the digital world. Soon after that, Mr. Pattiz and Kit were begining to add their own production into the mix of things and since then it has been an amazing four long years for them.


When Norman Pattiz was asked about how his normal day would look and what he does to make it productive, he said that they do not have any normal days. He says that he involves himself in almost everything in their small company and his assistant helps when it comes to keeping him up to date. When asked about how he brings ideas to life he said that he believes implementation is everything. He also says that he hears some great ideas each day and tries to assess their ability for being able to implement them.


Norman Pattiz


If you have ever thought it would be cool to go see the White House one, wouldn’t it be even better to be appointed by the president to do something very important? Norman Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton and soon afterward reappointed by President Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. As of right now, Mr. Pattiz and Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz both live in Beverly Hills and they have both been happily married for almost 30 years.

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Kim Dao Offers Up 10 Winter Tips

Kim Dao, who operates a beauty and lifestyle channel on YouTube, recently offered her top 10 tips to stay warm in the winter as well as take care of your skin.

Her first tip is to invest in a good hand warmer. The one she uses has a pocket that lets you slip in a heat pack and this will keep it hotter for the entire day. Kim Dao’s next tip is to wear thermals under your clothes in order to stay nice and warm. She also has another use for heat packs which is to stick one to her back, and on really cold days she sticks on to her stomach as well. Kim Dao also advises you drink hot tea during the day.

Kim Dao uses a number of products to keep her skin moisturized during the winter. The products she recommends are made by Madre Lab and include a sugar scrub, an exfoliator, and a body butter. She also applies a coating of baby oil in order to help with the harsh winter weather. Kim Dao also shares her tip to keep her hands hydrated, which is to Sierra Bees Hand Cream. For irritated skin, she applies Sierra Bees Bumpy Road Salve.

In order to keep her face hydrated Kim Dao uses a Vitamin C Serum and then a Madre Labs Green Tea Skin Cream on it. Her final tips in the video are to use lip balm. Her last tip is if you have heated floors they’re a great thing to use to get warm.



The philanthropic acts of Dick DeVos that have helped many children acquire education

Many people are participating in philanthropic acts that has benefited many people in the society especially the less fortunate. As such, many people across United States of America are being recognized for the good work they are doing towards the indigenous communities. Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos is such an extra-ordinary couple that has been at the center of helping poor people in west Michigan access education. The recently concluded US elections, Dick DeVos has been nominated to fill the post of cabinet secretary for education. This is because of his passion of championing for the need of every person to receive basic education. This philanthropic act dates back into his family lineage where his father was a philanthropist who was recognized for his giving. As such, Dick DeVos is championing what is known as a family tradition. The family is also known for its support in the political process in the United States of America. The family has been contributing towards donating money to help candidates in the Republican Party. As a result, the family has contributed close to $5 million towards republican election campaigns. It is believed that the Dick DeVos has contributed over $139 million towards charitable contributions and donations. This is a huge sum of money that has brought much recognition to the family. According to Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, in 2015 the family has contributed around $11 million towards charitable works and especially helping people in the educational system.

Dick DeVos believes that the current education system is not fulfilling the desires of the common citizen in achieving his dreams. As such, he is taking a center stage in advocating for education for all despite the financial positions. During an interview with MLive, he has said that many people are going up in wrong ZIP codes and have not been able to access the right kind of education that will make them realize the American dream. He also interacts with other groups around the world that are supporting education reform. For instance he recently contributed over $300,000 dollars to empower groups supporting education reform sector. As such, hi urge if reaching as many people as possible has propelled Dick DeVos to a public figure personality. In addition, he has continued to support teachers offering education saying they are able to perform even more successful when they find the right channels of reaching the children. He boasts of the impact he is making in the community where they established and launched an aviation school at the GeraldFord International Airport. The school provides aviation causes that have seen many children acquire their dreams and become successful pilots form humble backgrounds. As such, he has achieved a lot through his philanthropic acts.

Fact or Fiction: US Money Reserve Has a New Website

Have you ever watched one of those YouTube videos and asked yourself – “It this real?” Hollywood and Photoshop have created amazing simulations of reality. Now, you might wonder if it is fact or fiction that “US Money Reserve has a new website.


“Photoshop Reality”


Some might identify “Jurassic Park” as the moment when all of reality came into question. But, there are old cartoons of Gene Kelley dancing with Mickey Mouse too. Hollywood has been effective at mixing fact and fantasy.


Fact: Gold is a very important asset to have in your financial portfolio.


Central banks have vast stores of gold bars in their vaults. Nations conduct audits of their gold reserves. Gold is one of the most valuable assets in the world.


If you want to add gold to your IRA, then the “IRA Program” tab on the US Money Reserve website, has relevant information. Even the US government recognizes that gold is a valuable asset. So, shouldn’t you complete your portfolio with a gold purchase?


“Well-Crafted Website”


When the United States was being established, its dollar currency was pegged with gold and silver. This was actually written into the US Constitution – only gold and silver could be used for money. Weren’t the American Founders wise?


They understood that with gold and silver, they had a solid foundation for their monetary system. The US Money Reserve website displays these valuable coins for your perusal. You can learn about their history, scarcity and precious metal content.


“Why Build a New Website?”


Technology continues to improve. The new US Money Reserve website combines information, news and eCommerce. This can be a challenge. You want the website to be chock full of data, but not cluttered. The new website succeeds in all dimensions.


The well-crafted US Money Reserve website has everything you need to develop a basic understanding of why precious metals should be added to your financial portfolio. You can even get a “Free Gold Information Kit.” This shows that US Money Reserve wants you to be as well-informed as possible.


“Trusted Gold Seller”


The “feather in the cap” of US Money Reserve is that it is run by a former US Mint Director. Who else can say that?


Fact: US Money Reserve has a new website.


It is not a Hollywood illusion or Photoshop copy, check out the new-and-improved US Money Reserve website.


Political Action Committee of Ends Citizens United Wants to Become a Reality

The Political Action Committee of Ends Citizens United was created on March 2015. The funders of the committee are grassroots donors who are dedicated to counter the horrible effects of organization Citizens United. The members of the committee are fighting back to show the press, voters, candidates, and elected officials that they will not let billionaires buy the US elections on The aim is to build a big collation which would pressurize lawmakers for reforms and work for reforms to finance structure. The mission of Ends Citizens United is to dismantle rigged political structure and fight Big Money in the country’s politics. The objective is to finish Citizens United and role of money in politics. The members of the Ends Citizens United wants to elect pro-reform candidates, raise the issue of money in national politics, and use grassroots members for demonstrating power on money in politics issue.

End Citizens United supported the Democrats candidates during the 2016 Elections especially those who were against Citizens United and who wanted meaningful reforms in the finance systems of the campaigns. The Action Committee also fought against the SuperPACs and Koch Brothers who rigged elections using the dark money. The two organizations tried to buy US senators and local representatives. Ends Citizens United was officially launched in August 2015. With the help of small donors, the group raised more than two million dollars in the beginning. The target of the group was to raise up to thirty million dollars.

The ultimate goal of Ends Citizens United on is to pass an amendment to the constitution which would reverse the Citizens United decision of the court. Citizens United introduced a huge influx of dark money into politics and gave rise to strong PACs. By 2015, more than three-hundred-and-twenty-five thousand people have signed End Citizens United’s petition which is demanding US Congress to pass the desired legislation on Facebook. The number of signatures is expected to increase as End Citizens United’s members have partnered with another movement called “Ready for Hillary” that already has four million members.

On August 2015, End Citizens United announced that eleven Democrat candidates had joined them. The names include Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. Member of PAC Carbo said that his group is unique because the result of the conversation is to get those people elected that would change current laws. It means candidates who would stand up against Citizens United and campaign for finance reform. In addition to this, the candidates who are attacked by Koch brothers and other big money groups. The group set up independent expenditure section in 2016 that would provide candidates with support like direct mailers, polling, and television advertisements. The main objective of End Citizens United is to pass constitution amendment that would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

Tech Expert Eric Pulier

Names can have a more powerfully influential connotation to them when they are used by celebrities loved or hated. This alone speaks to the power of a name. Parents, please name your offspring wisely, for you may never get another chance to do so. Now then, a business name shall be used as an example.


First of all, have you ever wondered why Eric Pulier has so many followers on his Instagram? Why is his business so successful and popular? Really and truly, how does he do it?


First of all, Eric Pulier is an internet sensation due to his witty and creative mind and persona; this he knows well. He is also a hard worker and believes in the power of doing what one truly loves. He is a firm CEO with the author and entrepreneur business, who also knows how to kick back and have fun while he does it. This I greatly admire in a man.


Mr. Pulier is a man of business who knows the author business like no other. He has also had the unique privilege of meeting Prince at one point in time, prior to Prince’s recent departure from this world. You may even find a photo of the two of them together in any Google search. Look it up.


Mr. Pulier may be seen branding his products, smile, and personality, or even his own partners, as they work hard to make the company all the more of a success than it is today. He may also be seen with uniquely dyed hair colors that are light blue on some days, pink on other days and even green on those very special occasions. He truly is a man who does not say ‘no’ to a challenge, including that of diversity and of “spicing things up.”


Such qualities in one individual alone have surely brought him to the top, where she is today, and they only continue to do so. Men, take heed here. This message of inspiration and encouragement is for all of you. Do not let anyone tell you that you “can’t inspire”.

Nationwide Title Clearing Solves Title Defect Troubles

Following several calls and complaints from the public, Nationwide Title Clearing has responded by availing property reports online. Through the platform, real estate players can access several services online. Title defects have become a major challenge facing the real estate industry. Title defects have been attributed to wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of an exercise that should be smooth. The firm responded to this demand from the public to ensure that easy transition of titles and reduce the risk of buyback.


Title defects occur when an individual or an institution claim a property that is owned by another entity or people. Other factors causing title defects include; wording errors, failure to include a signature of a necessary party in the transaction, previous liens and inability to follow the legal filing procedures when recording real estate documents. The new application can help buyers and sellers to sort out these common challenges in the industry. The platform allows online ordering of critical property reports including; tax status reports, the current owner, encumbrance report and assignment verification report services.


Buyers and sellers have access to a simple, fast and a detailed process of securing property reports. The reports generated by the firm are a product of research from actual lands records and are available for any residential property in the country. The company obtains most of its data from the counties and has included automation and human verification. This excellence service has helped the company gain unimaginable milestones that have enabled them to serve many of the biggest lenders in the United States. Nationwide Title Clearing process yields accurate results and attributes its outstanding success to the clear understanding of the client’s needs, which makes them give customized property report for every consumer.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing is a leading post-closing service provider for the largest financial institutions, servicers, and investors in the nation. The firm was founded in 1991 and it is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The firm provides excellence services in research, audit, and document processing services to mortgage lenders, investors, servicers, and residential mortgage servicers in the U.S. It also offers unique service including; lien release, document processing, document retrieval and abstractor services.


Recently, NTC launched an online search platform that is helpful to land sellers and buyers across the nation. The firm has also been acknowledged for offering actual research and quality document processing that define the industry standards that guarantee protection to homeowners, assist mortgage banking as well as preserving the land records of the United States. As a result of their excellent performance, NTC won the Inc. hire power Award in 2012 and 2013.


Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Sam Boraie Breathing Life to New Brunswick Residents

Sam Boraie is a real estate developer and a philanthropist who is connected to several projects in New Brunswick. Currently, he is the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, a firm founded by his father. Under his visionary leadership, the company has been providing unmatched service to their clients, and he is committed to establishing state of the art properties. The real estate mogul is regarded as a town hero in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Boraie Development in New Brunswick

Boraie Development has for eras been shaping the face of New Brunswick. According to NJ Biz, for the last five years, the company has revitalized the city with an inspiring boom in the real estate industry. The multi-purpose buildings that they have erected in the city have been attracting small businesses and residents. The increases in the number of companies have consequently increased the demand for retail and office space as well as apartments.

Currently, the company has completed a high-rise expensive luxury residential located at the heart of the city called Aspire. The 25 story Aspire, has come as part of the fulfillment of a vision that the company had four decades ago. The facility is the tallest in New Brunswick and has over 40,000 square feet office space. It also has over 121 residential space, a 400 space parking garage and over 10,000 sqft retail space.

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Boraie company profile:

Philanthropic Activities

New Brunswick real estate mogul Sam Boraie is more than a real estate developer. He is a proud supporter of various community-based activities. Sam and his company have for years been contributing to New Brunswick non-profit organizations; New Jersey State Theatre and Elijah’s Promise. Boraie Development is one of the sustaining partners of the New Jersey State Theatre, a famous cultural landmark that serves over 30,000 students every year.

In the summer of 2017, Sam and his firm will be one of the major sponsors of free screening for children on weekday morning and evening at the State’s theater. Sam serves as on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. He uses his expertise in business to help the organization raise capital. He is also one of the largest sponsors of the organization. Elijah’s Promise provides the needy residents of the area with over 100,000 meals every year.


Your Event Is In Good Hands With Twenty Three Layers

Planning an event can be fun! It’s empowering and it’s a chance to look after all the details of the special thing that you may be planning. It’s also a lot of work. When people start to plan an event whether it’s a Birthday party, a wedding, a celebration or something else; they can get overwhelmed about exactly how many steps go into it. Planning an event is stressful because when you take on that responsibility, you are responsible for every single thing that goes along with it. It takes away the fun and makes the whole ordeal rather stressful. That’s why it’s typically easier to hire an event planner. They do all the hard work so that you can enjoy the celebrations.


According to The Balance, there are 15 steps to keep in mind when hiring an event planner. One of the most important ones is estimating a budget. Once you estimate a budget, you know what you can and cannot afford to supply your guests with. This is particularly handy when trying to determine the type of alcohol you will have at your event. Another great tip is finding a qualified planner. You want someone you can trust, someone that will work with your budget, and someone that has the experience with events similar to the one you are planning. A final great tip from The Balance is by interviewing three qualified planners. It’s always good to have options because even though all three might be great, they might not be the best suited to your current needs.


It all comes down to who you can trust with your special day. Twenty Three Layers is one of those trustworthy companies. They specialize in a variety of different things but perhaps the most well known is their event planning. They’ve been known to plan for many celebrities because they are just that goof. Twenty Three Layers can help plan the food, music, drinks, photography, entertainment, and so much more! They do all the work so that you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your big day. Overall, Twenty Three Layers is an event planning service where no matter which planner you get, you’re in good hands.